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please dont play with me my paper heart will bleed [entries|friends|calendar]

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6:17pm December 11th]
[ mood | cold ]

wEll mk.

today i wEnt to thE mall En saw victoria!~!~!
so victoria i will dEf call u latErr kay?

neways. . .
i'ma do mi homework roight now so i gots to goEs.


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1:43pm December 9th]
[ mood | crazy ]

mi new shoes that i got last weekCollapse )


2:46pm December 4th]

my back hurts!?!?!?!?
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7:35pm November 30th]
new lj name add it foos.  sweettemptati0n


6:18pm November 29th]
[ mood | cold ]

shannon im just so sry bout that thing w/ youthgoup.
i love u

anyways lauren's coming home with meh on the bus tomorrow!!
funn funn stuff!!

okay well gots to goes

lo*ve yas

always en ferever (victoriaa) good times there!


7:02pm November 23rd]
[ mood | cold ]

today i went to see Harry Potter with l-izzle
it was really goodd.


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5:30pm November 22nd]
[ mood | mellow ]

call meh to hangoutt todayy!!!



this weekend [Sunday
4:47pm November 20th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well this weekend...

friday - just chilled out
saturday - got a cappicino, took a walk around this one park, and just hungout.
todayy - went to the mall...fer sher. and then tonight gonna go celebrate my sister's b-day cause tomorrow she is turning 22.

on wednesday this week... - my daddy is coming in town fer Thanksgiving!!! yayy.
thrusday - obviously Thanksgiving!
and then the weekend that's coming up...i might go to the movies with victoria!!
yayy can't wait to see that girlly pie.

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woww im so boredd [Friday
6:05pm November 18th]
[ mood | bored outta my sweett mindd ]

is that what u call a getaway?Collapse )


6:37pm November 16th]
[ mood | okay ]

yesterdayy i went to youth group.
pretty funn stuff thurr.
and tonight i have to go to powell fer the ski club meeting thang.
but i still dont know if i can do it yett.
i hope so.
does romeo and powell go to the ski slope on the same days and everything?]
comment if you knoww the info.


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6:31pm November 14th]
[ mood | word up gangsta ]

weLLLLLLL i dont knoww.
im juss doing homework rightt now!!
boreddd...so leave me lots and lots of commentts~!~

love you all more than you could imagine



10:52pm November 11th]
[ mood | silly ]

wow. today at school was pretty sweett. then i went to the movies and hungout with sierra,jackie,sam,austin,shannon,zack,and ashleyy. haha i didnt even watch the movie. i was too busy listening to zacks ipod. pretty sweettt. oh gosh i love that kidd. anywho....yeah so just comment biznahs.

love ya much

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8:37pm November 10th]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey crazy's...

well lets see
powell has actually been really funn fer me. i know it doesnt beat romeo. but im actually making a lot of friends and all.

so yesterday went to lauren s's house. pretty funn stuff. then today i went to shanyn m's house. pretty funn also.
tommora might go to the moviess with some people from powell. and then on saturdayy might go to shanyn m's house!!

trust me shannon i still love you more than words!!!!



4:34pm November 4th]
[ mood | drained ]

1.one secret-
2.one compilment-
3.one random thing-
4.love note-
5. lyrics to a song-
6.how old you are-
7.how long we've been friends-
8. a hint to who you are-

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6:18pm November 3rd]
[ mood | cheerful ]

haha like my new icon????

real version : guess what? what? your mom! ooo...burn!

my version : guess what? what? my icon is better than yours! ooo...burn!


yeah sorry its the truth

i still love ya though

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8:10pm November 2nd]
[ mood | thirsty ]


yeah donno. but today i went to the basketball game!! funn funn stuff....right shannon?
yess so ill def call ya tomorra and we'll make our plans fer the weekend.
yeah so sorry guys me and shannon are gonna hangout! ohh yeahh.



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3:23pm October 31st]
[ mood | cold ]

yeah strike that plan then.
its just gonna be me and victoria now.



weekend [Monday
2:49pm October 31st]
[ mood | calm ]

well on saturday was laurens party!! it was funn. i spent the night overr her house after.

im bored so thats why i updated....
cant wait until tonight!! yay-a

much love


plans [Monday
11:16am October 31st]
[ mood | happy ]

okay so here are the plans for trick er treating:

me,victoria, and shannon are going to go trick er treating with eachother. now were gonna see if joe can come with us.

oh and by the way....


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5:01pm October 27th]
[ mood | excited ]

okay so new layout!!! likey?

umm today i might go to lauren S's house!!!!
this weekend...
friday - going to the game and then movies
saturday - soccer game then lauren and victoria's partayy!!!
sunday - nothing haha might go shopping idk yett
monday - halloween babiiii!!!!

: )


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